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Bundala Safari is a dedicated ecotourism operator that has many years experience leading safaris, camping and birdwatching expeditions through the national parks of Sri Lanka.

You can tour some of the historical sites in the area with us during your stay here in Tissamaharama.

Bundala Safari provides a range of serives to make you ready for a tremendous safari experience aiming to cater for all ages and budgets.

We give our explorers adventurous and life-changing experience throughout the pristine wilderness of southern Sri Lanka by organising Bundala Safari, Yala Safari, Weheragala Safari and offering eco friendly accomodation at Wild Breeze.

We also help wildlife conservation with the aim of becoming a role model in socially, culturally and environmentally.

'Let's take an exciting open air jeep ride in search of wildlife with educational and historic commentary for an ultimate wild safari experience'

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