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The Bundala National Park has gained a reputation for being a fantastic place to observe aquatic birds in Sri Lanka.
Are you ready for a tremendous safari experience?

Keep your binoculars at hand as there will be opportunities aplenty to catch sights of rare birds; the park is directly located on the migratory path, providing the chance to witness this unique occurrence of nature.


You will see mammals also make their home in Bundala , including several elephants, jackals, mongooses, spotted deers, porcupines and more.Various species of reptiles specially saltwater and freshwater crocodiles, turtles and fish round out the balanced eco habitat.


The morning, evening and full day safaris will give you the chance to view these majestic creatures at Bundala, Sri Lanka.

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We supply a range of services to make you ready for a tremendous safari experience and we give our explorers adventurous and life-changing experience throughout the pristine wilderness of southern Sri Lanka.

We also help wildlife conservation with the aim of becoming a role model in socially, culturally and environmentally.

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  • Feel the sounds and smells of jungle life.

  • Visit ancient temples and tropical beach.

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